Want to see the world differently? 

For most of my life I sought adventure "Out There."

Out There could've been anywhere—mountains, islands, villages, cities—provided it was somewhere new and exciting. I lived and worked in different countries on different continents, always in motion—always seeking the next adventure. Those years were formative, those travels were exhilarating, and those memories are fond. But there was always something missing—something just out of reach. And it wasn't until I got still, until I went nowhere at all, that I discovered that elusive thing.

The more I slowed down, the longer I stayed within, the less I sought Out There, and the more I connected to that nameless, formless thing I was seeking all those years—myself. And, to my surprise, this journey within was no less exotic than my worldly adventures. If anything, this inner landscape felt more foreign and mysterious than any hike through the Amazon jungle or death-defying adventure as a pedestrian in Vietnam.

Everything I discovered through this process of inner travel, all the puzzle pieces I collected during those silent journeys inside myself, directly connected to something in my external world when I returned. As things began to shift inside, things outside changed—mountains moved, cities collapsed, people emerged. This inside-out wide-angle lens gave me an entirely different view of my daily life. That feeling of wonder I experienced when I visited a new country was something I could access in my living room. The same sense of awe I felt summiting a mountain was something I could connect to before I had my morning coffee.

After years of self-exploration, I've found that my love of travel in the world Out There hasn't diminished, it's grown. Now more than ever I feel inspired to see the world and curious to know more about the people in it. The only difference is that my inner travel has become the priority and the journeys Out There are a bonus. As the landscape of my daily life transforms, I don't feel the same urgency to escape it—adventure can be found everywhere. The scenery and the circumstances of my life haven't changed much, but I have. And that changes everything.

Are you up for a new kind of travel? A chance to see the world differently without leaving home?