Rising Star* 

The Rising Star is a 21-day healing process that clears the energy fields connected to the physical body (the chakras) and the energy fields outside the body (the aura). This modality dates back to the Temple of Truth in ancient Egypt and is connected to the lineage of Manjushri (the bodhisattva of wisdom).

The Rising Star directs energy through the chakra system, working on the five elements—fire, water, air, earth, and ether—to balance and heal your being on all levels. A single treatment raises the vibration of your energy fields and increases your capacity to hold more life force energy. 

This high vibration energy moves through each of your seven main chakras three times, focusing on one chakra per day over the course of three weeks, clearing out energetic debris and creating more space for you to hold Light.

If you're feeling called to step into a higher expression of yourself and your purpose, then this will clear the path and pave the runway.

Prema Birthing*

Prema Birthing is a divine rebirth that will return you to your essential vibration, reconnecting you to the Divine Mother / Father as your Source, and restoring the flow of abundance and unconditional love.

This healing modality is connected to the Divine Feminine and dates back to the ancient Egyptian sleep temples. A Prema Birthing session can often bring healing to your relationship with your parents—especially your mother—and clear unresolved emotions, karma, and stagnant energy. 

This process can help to release things that no longer serve you, such as fears, limiting beliefs, addictive behaviors, and habitual patterns of self-protection.

The energetic womb that is established during the healing session, combined with the intention to allow the highest and healthiest version of yourself to emerge, creates the conditions for you to manifest a new reality.

You will be reconnected to Source—a limitless, unconditional, abundant flow of love, support, and creative power. This healing is a gentle process that involves soft touch and will leave you feeling nurtured, peaceful, and rejuvenated. 

Aura Reading*

Your soul communicates through symbolic images. This is true in dreams, in meditation, and in the aura reading. When these symbolic images are received by your conscious mind, energy is released, and your awareness is heightened. The messages held within these symbolic images hold the clarity, truth, and wisdom of your spirit.

The aura reading is a tool for self-knowledge. It is an energetic healing process that facilitates self-awareness and removes debris from all levels of your being—revealing unconscious patterns and releasing stagnant energy. 

The images and messages are intended to be catalysts to spark self-awareness. They can offer insight regarding your mission, reveal opportunities for growth, provide validation or confirmation about where you are on your path, or simply create a stronger connection to your soul and its creative essence. 

You already have all the answers, knowledge, and guidance you need within you. This is simply a tool to activate that inner knowing and support you in discovering your own inherent wisdom. 


In a group aura reading, each person receives one image and one message directly from Spirit. When the group energy is connected, someone else’s reading may feel resonant, which means it is a mirror image / message for you. This is why it’s important to stay present and connected throughout the group reading even if you aren’t being addressed directly.

Initiation + Certification


RISING STAR INITIATION + PRACTITIONER TRAINING: During this half-day course, you will be initiated into the Rising Star lineage and learn how to facilitate a healing session. You will receive an energetic initiation that will connect you to this powerful, high-frequency healing system and the ancient lineage that supports it. You will observe the steps involved in facilitating a session and practice running the energy. And you will receive a training booklet with all the steps and the information necessary to facilitate healing sessions. No prior experience is necessary. You can begin offering sessions right away.

PREMA BIRTHING PRACTITIONER + TEACHER TRAINING: During this half-day course, you will learn to facilitate the Prema Birthing method and teach others to do the same. We will walk through the steps of facilitating a healing and then you will observe a full session being performed on a volunteer. You will receive a training booklet with all the steps and the information necessary to facilitate sessions and teach others the method. No energetic initiation is required for this training. No prior experience is necessary. You can begin offering sessions right away.