Embody Your Authentic self and Express Your Soul’s Brilliance

"Being what you are is the simplest. What is difficult is to stop being what you are not." — Mooji

Do you know the truest, deepest, fullest expression of YOU?

If you’ve discovered this authentic self, are you sharing it with the world? Are you bringing that inner truth into your life regardless of where you are, whom you’re with, and what you’re doing?

Maybe you KNOW you’re not. Or perhaps you think you are.

But are you…really?

Is there an area of your life or a particular relationship in which you feel fully expressed and free to be authentically YOU—without shifting, shrinking, or hiding? Is there a little voice that whispers to you, guiding you to create something BIG and encouraging the fullest expression of your unique essence in the world? This is your authentic self.

Are there other areas of life or relationships in which you’re withdrawing, leaving parts of yourself hidden, and filtering yourself? Is there a voice that tells you that flying under the radar, not rocking the boat, and delaying that Big Dream a bit longer would be easier and more comfortable for everyone? This is your adaptive self.

The adaptive self is a protective mechanism that keeps you small, runs you in circles, and drains your energy with the illusion that this chameleon act will keep you safe. 

When you become skilled at shape-shifting to suit your surroundings, it can be tricky to spot the adaptive self when it appears. And even when you’re entirely aware of this shape-shifting act, you can still think you’re operating with authenticity and fully expressing your truth…and then realize you’ve been outplayed by the chameleon once again.

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Years ago, an intuitive told me that my purpose was to inspire people. “You’re going to help people live in their full expression,” she explained.

WTF did that mean?!

I had no idea.

If I didn’t know what it meant to live in my full expression, then how was I going to help other people do such a thing? I barely had the living thing down at that point.

Other people’s opinions, expectations, and needs were driving me one minute, and my own unconscious fears had the wheel the rest of the time. I was in full chameleon mode.

But I was committed to discovering, knowing, and healing myself in hopes of helping others do the same. So, I kept at the whole self-awareness thing.

I studied with teachers and mentors, worked with shamans and gurus, hired coaches and practitioners. I released years of trauma and stuck emotions, layers of stagnant energy, and what felt like lifetimes of limiting beliefs, old patterns, and conditioning.

The more debris I cleared, the more space there was to fill with my creative essence—the unique vibration of ME. My authentic self was emerging from the rubble.

I slowed down. I aligned with my natural rhythm. I listened to that little voice inside guiding me to something bigger. I discovered my gifts in the unseen world. I found the Rising Star.

My magic returned. And little by little, I transformed my reality.

I finally realized what it meant to live in my full expression. And I was living it—huzzah! THIS WAS IT, people.

Except, the truth was, I WASN’T living my full expression. Not quite…

I realized that this new reality, starring my authentic self, was constructed behind the scenes. You only got to see the show if you had a backstage pass.

My full expression was a limited engagement.

How was I still hiding? After all this F*ING work? How did this chameleon slip past my awareness?

My adaptive self found a way to cleverly and carefully reveal “the authentic me.” I honestly thought I was out of the magic closet. I mean, I talked about witches and auras and Mayan astrology on Instagram! I thought I’d worked on all that fear of being seen stuff. Remember that one time when I did a Facebook live about it? Done and done.

It sure seemed like I was expressing my authentic self. And I was...part of the time. I was showing ALL of me…to SOME people.

The process of discovering the truest, deepest, fullest version of yourself is messy. It takes A LOT of resilience, support, and commitment to align your inner truth with your outward expression. As you grow and expand, your vibration is constantly shifting, so staying attuned to your authentic self is a practice.

And, once you connect with your Higher Self and begin embodying that higher vibration, unveiling the Big You in the world can be chaotic, vulnerable, and terrifying!

It helps to have someone watching your blind spots and supporting you along the way. You know, in case you think you’ve emerged from the magic closet, but you’re still running the whole operation behind the curtains. It also helps to have a high-powered energetic turbo boost like the Rising Star to kick things into gear.

The Rising Star is a 21-day energy healing that functions like a cosmic vacuum, removing layers of energetic debris and stagnant gunk from your chakras, and clearing your system on all levels to create space for you to hold more light. Then it fills you up with high-frequency jet fuel—potent life force energy—to prepare you for launch.

This process has changed my life and the lives of so many of my clients. And, up until now, I’ve been doing this work behind the scenes. So, it’s time to LEVEL UP and allow this magic to flow more freely in the world.

This is why I created EMERGE: a three-month immersion (powered by the Rising Star!) to clear what's standing between the little you and the Big You and bring your full expression into the world.

So, here it is.

My emergence. I’m all the way out there.




⋗ You’re ready to face your fear of being seen, align with your unique vibration, and come out of hiding!

⋗ You’ve reached a plateau in some area(s) of your life and want to stretch outside your comfort zone to experience MORE.

⋗ You’re in a service role—therapist, coach, healer, entrepreneur—and you want to increase your energetic capacity.

⋗ You need an incubation space: space to heal and receive support, space to birth something new (a human, a business, a book, a creative project, a next-level vision), space to develop a new habit, lifestyle change, or spiritual practice.

⋗ You want to accelerate your healing process and get to the core of the blocks, limiting beliefs, old patterns, and dynamics that are no longer serving you.

⋗ You’re in transition—the space between no longer and not yet—and are seeking support and connection in your transformation process.

⋗ You feel there's something more you're here to offer the world and want more clarity about your purpose.

⋗ You want to connect with your Higher Self, FEEL that higher vibration in your body, and allow it to guide you.



⋗ Feel the freedom of owning your unique magic, authentic expression, and creative power in the world!

⋗ Open yourself to RECEIVE MORE abundance from life and GIVE MORE of yourself and your gifts to the world in return.

⋗ Increase your capacity and create a bigger impact for the people, communities, and causes that you’re serving.

⋗ Have the energy, support, and practices you need to birth something new!

⋗ Clear whatever is blocking your authentic expression and create your reality with more intention and clarity.

⋗ Have a safe space to transform, get messy, and be present in your transition—releasing the old and welcoming the new.

⋗ Have more freedom to BE YOU, more space to hold your unique vibration of light, and more confidence to bring your full expression into the world.

⋗ Experience a deeper connection and relationship with your Higher Self and carry that higher vibration into your day-to-day life.

My Rising Star experience was transformational, grounding, and powerful. I have been juggling some health issues and a blood test I had done several months before this had a VERY different reading (very low) compared to having it re-tested after the triple Rising Star series was complete. My doctors and nurses could not explain the change so swiftly, but I know what did it.

The first two Rising Star cycles brought a deeper connection to and understanding of my family—the ROOTS—especially my maternal lineage. There was empathy flowing in both directions—both to and from me reaching back generations—and a lot of necessary release. The third Rising Star cycle was a more surreal experience—a gentle descent into shadow work. It did not feel scary or intimidating AT ALL. It felt refreshing, simply showing me what was there and what was no longer serving me.

I am beyond grateful for your magical practice, Kristina, and for the ultimate lesson I learned here: I too have magic of my own to work and heal with; we all do.
— Danielle Florio: co-founder of City Smarts


  • THREE 21-day Rising Star healing sessions - *NINE WEEKS* of chakra clearing, energy healing, and frequency upgrades! 

  • Hummingbird circle reading - group aura reading that will bring a personal message from your Higher Self + mirror messages from the group.

  • Private 1:1 guidance sessions - Private sessions are reserved for my long-term coaching clients, so this is the only other way to work with me 1:1!

  • Weekly group calls - live coaching, Q+A, sharing, and integration.

  • Bonuses - guided meditations and activations, themed journal prompts, self-reflection practices, self-awareness tools, energy techniques, intention setting rituals, and access to a private Facebook group where you’ll receive support, connection, and daily check-ins!

  • SPECIAL JULY BONUS! - One of my beloved teachers (aka my Fairy Goddessmother), Catharine Giles, will be offering a bonus wisdom teaching and quantum healing / activation for this round of EMERGE. She hasn’t taken clients in more than two years and has a VERY long list of people waiting to work with her. This is a rare and precious opportunity to work with one of the greatest teachers and most powerful healers I’ve ever experienced. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!

    Catharine Giles is a Reiki master, clairvoyant, empath, witch, priestess, Akashic Records guide, and Goddess sentinel who specializes in Divine Feminine empowerment, quantum healing, DNA activations, timeline work, soul retrieval, and entity removal (among many other things!). 



$1665 / FULL payment

$555 / MONTH for 3 months

Prior to my sessions with Kristina, I’d never done ANY type of energy work. I had no idea what to expect or if it would even “do” anything. My first Rising Star brought up a huge issue I’d been holding onto for years. Somehow, I felt compelled to finally face it and release it, and it was such an emotional, beautiful, powerful process.

After three months of working with Kristina, I felt like a whole new person! I was so much lighter and full of energy—things I hadn’t felt in a long time. I’m so grateful to Kristina and the Rising Star for bringing me back to life!
— Dr. Heather Stevenson: clinical psychologist



The journey will begin by identifying your energy leaks—the circumstances, relationships, and dynamics that are connected to seeking external power. You will examine how you have denied, repressed, and limited yourself, and bring awareness to the frightened, adaptive selves that are still operating from fear. And you will observe ways in which you are leaking energy through habits, distractions, addictions, self-protective thinking, self-sabotaging behaviors, and unhealthy relationship dynamics.

Coming into awareness about these energy leaks and dynamics is the first step to EMPOWER yourself and create a new reality. You cannot change what you cannot see! Once you bring attention to these disempowering loops, you can begin shifting into a place of authentic power.


Now that you have identified your energy leaks and reclaimed your authentic power, there is a lot more energy flowing. It is important to give that energy space to move and EXPRESS itself! Which does not mean you are going to be writing to your ex or messaging that friend you haven’t talked to since college. You’ll be working with expression on ALL levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—and allowing both the fearful parts and the loving parts of yourself to express themselves.

You will build on what you discovered in the first Rising Star cycle, experimenting with “not doings” (as the Toltec call them) and using other techniques to disrupt your disempowering patterns and express yourself in new ways.


Now that you have reclaimed your power, and practiced different forms of expression, you have become more discerning with your energetic authority. All of this has created more space in your being to EXPAND, hold more high-frequency energy, and lighten up! During this cycle, you will move through a series of activations to connect you to your Higher Self and expand your multisensory perception. Your inner teacher will guide you through the daily reflection process.

To complete your journey, you will be guided through an integration process that will bring you into alignment with your authentic power. You will choose an area of life and decide what you want to create, experience, and express in this higher state.

This expansion is the final phase before you EMERGE and share your full expression with the world!

The Rising Star feels like a major LEVEL UP. It brought up and cleared some of my deep-rooted limiting beliefs and old patterns in my relationships. I started speaking my truth in big ways, initiating difficult conversations and standing my ground, which felt terrifying before. I experienced so many inner and outer shifts during my first session, I did three Rising Stars in a row and went through an incredible nine weeks of growth and expansion.
— Emily Baldwin: facilitator, spiritual healer, founder of Pachacea



Come Out of Hiding

"The way I've shown up in the world since I've done my three Rising Stars has completely changed. As a coach, I've done so much transformation work over the last decade. For me, the Rising Star transformation has happened FAST—faster than anything I've ever done.

Before the Rising Star, I was hiding—hiding my voice in my business, hiding what I was feeling from my husband. The way I speak and communicate now is totally different. I can be completely authentically me—all the time."

Laurie Davis Edwards (“Star”) — love coach and founder of The Worthy One