Kristina Ensminger is the creatrix of Voyages of the Spirit. Kristina is a soul alchemist who helps people transform all areas of their life through energetic expansion and authentic creative expression. She guides people deep within to master themselves, return to wholeness, and unlock their creative medicine.

As a teacher of the Rising Star, a high-frequency energy healing and activation from the Temple of Truth in ancient Egypt, she has the ability to initiate others into this lineage as anchors of light and train others to become practitioners.

She studied in Ireland with Master Teacher Derek O’Neill, who brought the Rising Star back to the planet to assist with the ascension, where she also became a practitioner and teacher of a Divine Feminine healing technique called Prema Birthing that dates back to the ancient Egyptian sleep temples.

Kristina is certified in a channeled angelic healing modality called aura reading that she studied with a conscious community in Brazil for four years. The aura reading uses symbolic images to reveal subconscious patterns and release density, which provides clarity and guidance about one’s path, and deepens trust and knowledge of one’s self.

She studied shadow work and the Pathwork with Sri Prem Baba in Rishikesh, and she studied with don Miguel Ruiz and his two sons at the Toltec pyramids in Teotihuacan.

Kristina worked as a journalist and an editor at top national magazines, including Travel + Leisure and T magazine at the New York Times, for over a decade. She combines her publishing skills, her intuitive gifts, and her expertise in the field of personal growth to support conscious leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs in telling their stories of transformation and raising their voice.

She is the editor and midwife of a book of channeled messages from a collective of ascended masters called The Mystics—out in 2020. And she is currently writing her first spiritual fiction novel based on her personal myth.